Shop the best skate brands at Parade 148mm sizing and 8.4" axle. Hollow Kingpin - Lightening the load, hollow kingpins reduce weight for lighter feeling trucks, Thunder Trucks Titanium Lights 3 Skateboard Trucks - polished (148) Best trucks hands down. Thunder Titanium Light Hi Skateboard Trucks - 148 Thunder > Thunder Titanium Light Hi Skateboard Trucks - 148 Truck Weight Class: Titanium Lights; Truck Height: High; Due to current supply chain demand and COVID-19 delays, we will be limiting purchases to 2 Specifically designed for size 8.12"- 8.38" decks. Thunder Titanium Lights 3 Skateboard Trucks at Tactics. Thunder Hollow Nights Lights II 148-149 (SET OF 2) for $68.00 with express shipping options & hassle free returns. I ride Independent because how they turn and feel in general. Thunder skateboard trucks are known for being some of the lightest-weight trucks on the market. These Thunder Titanium Lights 148 trucks are a perfect example of the brands commitment to moving with the times. Here are the top lightest trucks from light to heavy. Secondly, the Thunder Titanium Light 148 trucks are much lighter than other trucks in the market due to their hollow kingpins, the aluminum OG Thunder baseplates, and titanium axles. If you dont care about weight I think you should just ride the trucks you feel best. Thunder Team Hollows Skateboard Trucks in stock at Tactics. Logo engraved forged black baseplate. Shop the best selection of skateboard trucks from Thunder. Thunder Hollow Lights - Hollow kingpin, hollow axle. These all work together to keep the weight down without sacrificing tensile strength or durability. The third is the Thunder Titanium Lights at 10 oz (283 grams). Quick response geometry. As the newest truck currently available from Thunder, the Titanium Lights 148 have been specifically manufactured to fit perfectly with the almost ubiquitous (in 2017) 8.25 width deck. Low center of gravity. Thunder hollow Lights have hollow axles and king pin so its lighter than the Lights. NOTE: Sold only as a set of two (2) trucks. Also now in wider 149 sizes for your man-sized decks! If you go on to buy Thunder Skateboard Trucks Thunder Hi 148 H Lights Truck Hollow Light Skateboard Truck Polished then we would love you to return and give us your thoughts. Thunder Team - Solid kingpin and axle. All-black construction. Low price guarantee + Trucks sold individually! Throw a pair on your next complete and lighten 'em up!! So there you have, it the lightest trucks currently available. Keep in mind that the wider your trucks are the more weight they have. Thunder Titanium Lights - Hollow kingpin, Titanium solid axle. Shop the best selection of skateboard trucks from Thunder. Hollow king pin and axle construction for reduced weight. All the trucks in the table are 8 inches. Thunder Titanium trucks, Hollow Lights, and regular Lights all available along with your standard Thunder Truck model. Never fail, never quit with Thunder Trucks available online now at Tactics. I love to grind and they just last longest. 0 person has found this review helpful. Thunder Trucks 148mm Night II Hollow Lights Black Skateboard Trucks - 5.5" Hanger 8.25" Axle (Set of 2) guarantees a stellar ride. Night 148 Hollow Light Skateboard Truck from Thunder. Thunder produce several weight variations in different widths as well as HI and LOW options. Thunder Lights - Hollow kingpin, solid axle. Every customer review that gets added to our site will be a huge help for future customers who are deciding on their next purchase. These Black Thunder trucks have a 5.5" hanger and a 8.25" axle. Imported.